Tannoy CMS 1201DC

CMS 1201DC

Built around a high power handling 12” (300 mm) Dual Concentric™ point source driver, the CMS 1201DC delivers best-in-class performance for the most even beamwidth and pattern control over the widest range of frequencies of any large format ceiling speaker. Coupled with exceptional clarity, ultra low distortion, and high SPLs, the CMS 1201DC raises the bar to give the absolute cutting edge performance in ceiling mounted loudspeaker technology.


Achieving new standards of full bandwidth coverage control means that the CMS 1201DC can be specified in distributed designs with absolute confidence and located as efficiently as possible, minimising the number of devices typically required to cover a given area, reducing install time and cost. All Tannoy ceiling loudspeakers are simple to design into a wide variety of applications using our Ease Address™ design software.


Each device comprises of three discrete components: the loudspeaker assembly (mounted on a ported steel baffle), a separate 79 litre (2.8 cubic feet) steel back-can with multiple mounting points and a white powder-coated steel grille and moulded bevel cover.


The custom engineered powder coated steel back-can has been designed to cater for all conceivable installation possibilities making the CMS 1201DC extremely versatile. Internally damped with 11m OSB2 board, the addition of the back-can provides exceptional low frequency performance on a par with conventional wooden enclosure loudspeakers – but from an in-ceiling format. Steel mounting lugs allow for fitting to a Unistrut roof rail system in a variety of configurations both directly or via secondary prefixed cross struts. The device can also be hung via four top-mounted eye bolts, or as a further alternative, the design also caters for a single point central hang via M10 or 3/8 UNC screwed rod – made easy thanks to the slotted mounting saddle on the top of the back-can.


Mounting of the loudspeaker assembly to the pre-installed back-can is a one-man job thanks to the common sense design approach. One edge of the baffle clips onto the steel box to hold it in place while the installer secures the assembly in place. Connection is simple via terminal barrier strips inside the can, easily accessible via 20 mm and 29 mm conduit knockouts on all 5 sides of the can. Saving time and man-power during installation has been a driving factor behind the design of the CMS 1201 system.