Lake LM Series

Power and flexibility for any application-
Lake LM Series digital audio processors offer an unprecedented combination of core processing power, user-friendly control interfaces, and multi-format connectivity. Exclusive LM Series features include proprietary filter algorithms for Lake Mesa and Contour modules along with standard I/O connectivity on analog, AES3 digital and Dante network with programmable automatic failover.
Singular performance, two configurations
The Lake LM Series comprises two models, the LM 26 and the LM 44. Other than their different analog and AES3 input/output configurations, both models are essentially identical in performance and features. Both can accommodate either Lake Contour modules for crossover and delay functions, or Lake Mesa EQ for the industry’s most precise, flexible and sonically impeccable equalization functions. Also, both incorporate proprietary Lake processing algorithms for Raised Cosine Equalization™, LimiterMax™ peak and RMS limiters, and linear phase and classic crossovers. Maximum available delay is two seconds. The LM Series’ easily programmable EQ and delay capabilities allow quick reconfiguration for use with either self-powered loudspeaker applications or in multiway systems using separate power amplifiers. Audio performance is impeccable in every respect, with 24-bit AD/DA conversion, 96 kHz internal sampling frequency and a 32-bit internal data path. And a universal power supply with detachable locking mains cable allows worldwide use LM Series processors provide seamless compatibility with Lab.gruppen PLM Series Powered Loudspeaker Management Systems as well as Dolby® Lake Processors and all legacy Lake processors, with accessible simultaneously from the same Lake Controller Windows-based user interface.
All connected, all the time
LM Series processors are the only products of their kind to offer – as standard – analog, AES digital and dual redundant Dante networked connectivity. There are no separate versions, requiring choice of analog or digital, and no extra-cost optional cards to order. With all three connectivity types fully integrated into the core design, LM Series processors can easily function as a Dante break-in/break-out unit while also offering a programmable failover feature and extensive signal mixing and matrixing facilities. LM Series units also include a 9-pin General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO), configurable via the front panel or Lake Controller. GPIO facilitates external triggering of mute, power control and preset functions as well as reporting of fault and status conditions.
Hardware stacking/linking and software cross-configuration
Both LM Series processors support stacking/linking of multiple units that enables them to function as a single processor with expanded I/O, for example a 4 × 12 analog I/O configuration (2 x LM 26) or an 8 × 8 I/O configuration (2 x LM 44). Both models can be combined to offer further flexibility. Essentially, this enables users to duplicate functions of now-discontinued Dolby Lake Processors with the same analog I/O configurations – although now enhanced with greater flexibility and redundancy thanks to upgraded Dante connectivity. I/O interconnections between stacked/linked units can be realized using either spare AES or Dante channels.
Front panel interface
The front panel interface includes dedicated input and output metering for each processing channel, plus dedicated mute buttons (with integral LED status indication) for each processing channel. Parameters are easily adjustable using soft keys and a rotary encoder. The daylight-readable display switches functions for comprehensive metering or to facilitate signal routing or parameter adjustment.