Starin Announcement for TC Group- Simplifying the Order Process



Simplifying the Order Process for MUS!C brand Product with Starin….by the numbers


1) Send your Music Group Purchase Orders to Anew C.T. for processing starting October 1, 2017.  Please use the following addresses to send your orders so they are viewed and managed by the appropriate Anew C.T. Sales Director.  
    a) Arizona & Utah (Chris Henley’s Territory) -
    b) Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Texas (El Paso) & Wyoming (Joe Cervone’s Territory) -
    c) Nevada (Art Foxall’s Territory) -
    d) Southern California (Garrison Parkin, Marc Gonzales or Brett Wilson’s Territory) -

2) In order to ensure your order is processed quickly here are the items that we need in order to process your orders (Important note that all Purchase Orders need to be physical PO’s and we can no longer accept verbal purchase orders):  
    a) Your business name (or account number) as listed with Starin
    b) PO must list Starin as the Vendor
    c) MG Part numbers, quantity needed and pricing listed out
    d) If prepay dealer – let us know if you are paying via credit card or prepay (check, ACH or wire transfer)
    i) If credit card – Please ensure your credit card information is up to date in the Starin portal.
        (1) If more than one card, please clarify which one is to be charged
    e) Ship to address
        i) If drop shipping then also need to identify if shipping to a residence, church or school
        ii) If ordering a freight only product, then we also need to know:
            (1) Lift gate needed?
            (2) Limited access location?
            (3) Delivery appointment needed?
3) Once your PO has been processed you will receive a confirmation email that you need to look over to make sure everything is correct.
    a) Please make sure that the contacts Starin has in the portal are correct and current as well as your current address.
4) If correct, then click on the Approve link.  If you do not click on the link the order will not proceed to the next step.  
5) If something needs to be changed (e.g. shipping address, quantity ordered, etc.) then click on the reject button and let us know what needs to be changed.
6) Once a PO has been approved the order will be sent to the credit department for review and release to the warehouse.  If there are any credit issues your company will be contacted and the order will be on hold until the issue is resolved.  
7) Once the order is approved by the credit department your order will be transmitted to the warehouse, at which time no changes (including cancellations) can be made to the order.  


Important Notes about Orders

• The Starin Portal is a great source for information including:

  • Pricing
  • Availability
  • Order Status

• No 3rd Party freight is allowed.
• The warehouse has 48 hours to process and get your order out the door. If you have requested expedited shipping (3-day, 2-day or overnight), then your order gets queued to the front of the line. In order to ship same day, your order must have been received by the warehouse by Noon EST.







Click HERE to download this form!