High-End Installations at Risk from Power Quality Issues and Surges in Northern California- the SurgeX perspective.

Jimmy Paschke, Manager, Residential Sales for surge elimination company SurgeX, explains the effects that weather can have on power quality; “Harsh weather and high winds can absolutely impact power conditions. Electrical lines can be at the mercy of high winds and if the force is great enough to whip them around or cause downed trees, those can cause surge events within an environment.”
SurgeX products can safeguard clients from a harmful surge event, and as Powersurge Electric and Integration explain,
“To have a real-world scenario where two houses in the same environment, one protected by SurgeX and the other one not, experience damaging surge events and the SurgeX one to come out of the whole thing without a scratch on it and the other system smoked — examples just don’t get any better than that.”
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