Anew C.T. Conducts Music Group Demos

This week, Chris Henley of Anew C.T. conducted Music Group product demos using Tannoy, TurboSound, Lab Gruppen and Midas. The demo consisted of listening to Tannoy CVS6, AMS6 ICT, CMS5 DC LP, CMS6 DC, CMS8 DC Q, and VX8. TurboSound included NuQ 122, iP2000, iQ12 and iQ18B. Lab Gruppen power included LUCIA 120/2M, E 8:2, and IPD2400. All speakers were fed from a Midas M32R which also demonstrated live mixing from a virtual sound check recording. Special thanks to Sound Image and IES Communications for hosting the demos. Contact Chris at or 602-710-0592 to setup a Music Group Demo!