Anew C.T. Celebrates 15 Years of Service to the Infocomm Industry


In reflecting back over the last 15 years, it does not seem that long.  After serving for 12 years as Global Vice President of Sales for 2 projection companies, when I started this company in August of 1999, I had no idea it would grow to cover most of the western US 15 years later. 

I moved from the Northern California area to Colorado with one manufacturer in my bag.  I knew only a couple of people at a couple of dealers.  No one knew what an Anew C.T. was (many still don’t).  So, I reached out to the Infocomm industry in letters (yes, they were used in 1999) to see who might be interested in hiring me for a independent representative.

Fortunately a few gave me a chance.  From that one line the company has been blessed with wonderful employees, gracious dealers and consultants and long-term manufacturer clients. 

Thanks to the dedication of many of the employees over these years, we have weathered the storms of recession and continue to thrive in the ever changing AV/IT industry.  We are a single company made up of many extraordinary team members that daily do their best to do their best.

We are thankful for the integrators and consultants that have allowed us cordial and focused attention when we ask for time to meet.  We are thankful for the manufacturers that extend to us their trust and support for helping them grow their business in our territory.

As we all know we cannot predict what is around the corner. We can be grateful for the path we have travelled together.

With sincere appreciation and gratitude,

Nelson Brugh